Buckeye deploys DOCSIS 3.1 gigabit with Harmonic

Oct. 24, 2018
Buckeye Broadband in Ohio is using Harmonic's (NASDAQ:HLIT) CableOS virtualized cable access solution to launch a DOCSIS 3.1 ...

Buckeye Broadband in Ohio is using Harmonic's (NASDAQ:HLIT) CableOS virtualized cable access solution to launch a DOCSIS 3.1 broadband platform offering speeds up to 1 Gbps.

"As we look to deliver next-generation data, voice and video services to customers, we need a future-proof infrastructure solution," said R.J. Walker, vice president of engineering, operations and IT services at Buckeye Broadband. "Harmonic's CableOS solution provides sustainable capacity growth over the long term and end-to-end support for centralized architectures now, while future-proofing our operations for distributed architectures, enabling us to deliver faster broadband offerings and address critical space, power and cost requirements."

Harmonic's CableOS is designed to support gigabit data, voice and video services by centralizing the operator's virtualized CMTS core, which connects via a standard IP network to PHY shelves located in secondary headend and hub facilities. The solution uses remote PHY architecture and COTS servers and switches.

"Software is transforming the future of cable access networks, providing increased scalability, flexibility and cost savings to operators," said Nimrod Ben-Natan, senior vice president and general manager, cable access business, at Harmonic. "We're excited to collaborate with Buckeye Broadband on this world-class broadband access network. With the CableOS solution at the heart of its infrastructure, Buckeye Broadband is ready to achieve unprecedented DOCSIS bandwidth and boost cost efficiencies."

Harmonic is showcasing its latest virtualized cable access technology at the SCTE/ISBE Cable-Tec Expo in Atlanta.

In other Harmonic news, the company announced that its CableOS virtualized cable access software is now available as a cloud-native containerized and Kubernetes-orchestrated solution. Building on the CableOS solution's original microservices software architecture, the new cloud-native offering is intended to enable SDN and NFV transformation. It features an extensible API-based software architecture that is integrated with third-party provisioning, cloud networking and orchestration applications.

The CableOS software core can be deployed on either dedicated COTS servers or on cloud compute data centers, natively supporting both centralized hub-collapsed CMTS architectures and distributed access architectures (DAA).