ANSI OKs 3 SCTE Testing Standards

Dec. 16, 2014
The American National Standards Institute has approved three SCTE standards covering testing. ANSI/SCTE 96 2013, "Cable ...

ANSI/SCTE 96 2013, "Cable Telecommunications Testing Guidelines," is intended to spell out test procedures that will allow a competent technician or engineer to perform the tasks of determining, to a reasonable degree of certainty, the level of performance for the various parameters detailed. The procedures are general in nature and intended to be adapted to individual devices, cascades or complete systems. The primary focus for the procedures is bench or laboratory testing, but the principles discussed are equally applicable to field testing.

ANSI/SCTE 10 2014, "Test Method for Flexible Coaxial Cable Impact," is to establish that specified outdoor flexible RF coaxial drop cable jackets are capable of low temperature characteristics.

ANSI/SCTE 99 2014, "Test Method for Axial Pull Connector/Drop Cable," is intended to provide a test method for measuring the axial force required to cause one or more of the following conditions: cable structural failure, connector structural failure, and separation due to slip at the connector/cable interface.

All three standards are available at