SCTE Approves 3 Standards

March 26, 2015
The SCTE has approved three standards covering energy audits, UHF leakage and equipment ports. SCTE 212 2015, "Cable Operator Energy ...

SCTE 212 2015, "Cable Operator Energy Audit Framework and Establishment of Energy Baseline," defines how cable operators should audit power consumption and accurately establish an energy baseline for inside and outside plant excluding any customer-powered equipment.

SCTE 209 2015, "Technical Report UHF Leakage, Ingress, Direct Pickup," covers cable system signal leakage monitoring and repair activities for frequencies above 400 MHz.

SCTE 91 2015, "Specification for 5/8-24 RF & AC Equipment Port, Female," is intended to serve as a recommended guideline for the physical dimensions of all female 5/8-24 equipment ports for RF and AC powering that are used in the cable industry. It is not intended to specify the details of manufacturing.