AFL NodeFLEX Cable Assembly - 3.5 Diamonds

Sept. 29, 2020
When connecting HFC nodes into ODNs, pre-terminated fiber-optic node cable assemblies are used. The OSP-rated cable consists of a steel or aluminum sealed fitting. For underground applications, 90-degree fittings are often used to transition into the sides of the node; for aerial applications, the fitting is often straight. AFL's NodeFLEX cable features a flexible boot that starts in a straight configuration but can be flexed while maintaining the proper cable bend radius. Stiffening rods inside the boot hold the assembly in the 90-degree configuration long-term, allowing operators to reduce inventory, shorten the supply chain and ultimately accelerate deployments.

Judge’s Comment: “Innovative approach that will help make the transition to DAA easier and remove a possible craft issue as well as simplify logistics associated with inventory.”