Teleste Corp. ACE8 - 3.5 Diamonds

Sept. 29, 2020
The ACE8 fiber-deep node supports mid- and high-splits, as well as frequencies up to 1.2 GHz. The node mitigates operational expenses because it is intelligent and requires no onsite maintenance visits. All settings, including output level control and slope adjustments, can be managed remotely, as the ACE8 does not contain plug-ins that would require truck rolls. Once the fiber node has been physically installed, the node auto-aligns itself when the field technician pushes a single button.

Judge’s Comment: “I like this node for MDU applications. It could be a uniform product for MDUs and hospitality networks across all markets and various bandwidth capacities. The HMS or DOCSIS transponder is a very valuable feature for monitoring, alignment and troubleshooting.”