MPEG DASH Gets a Booster Group

A group of technology companies announced the creation of the DASH Promoters Group, a new organization dedicated to driving the broad adoption of MPEG's DASH (dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP) standard, which was ratified in November. DASH (ISO/IEC 23009) is designed to address the dramatic growth of Internet video by defining a universal delivery format.

Microsoft, Netflix and Qualcomm are the founding members of the group. Other companies include Adobe, AEG Digital Media, Akamai, BuyDRM, Digital Rapids, Digital TV Labs, Dolby, EBU-UER, Elemental, Envivio, Ericsson, Harmonic, Intertrust, NDS, Packet Ship, Path1, RGB Networks, Samsung, Thomson, University of Klagenfurt, and ZiXi.

In addition to promoting broad adoption of DASH, the group will focus on aligning ongoing DASH standards development, promoting the use of common profiles across industry organizations, and facilitating interoperability tests and plug-fests to demonstrate the usability and completeness of the DASH standard.
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