SCTE OKs 3 Standards

July 20, 2015
The SCTE has approved two energy standards and one for testing harmonics in passive devices. SCTE 210 2015, "Performance Metrics for ...

SCTE 210 2015, "Performance Metrics for Energy Efficiency & Functional Density of Cable Data Generation, Storage, Routing, and Transport Equipment," is intended to establish metrics for energy efficiency for equipment throughout cable networks.

SCTE 211 2015, "Energy Metrics for Cable Operator Access Networks," contains metrics for measuring the energy efficiency of access networks (ANs) that are utilized to transport information between a service provider and a plurality of users. For the purposes of this document, the AN includes all active and passive equipment between the headend or hub, referred herein as the “hub,” and the demarcation point at the user premises. This document does not include any equipment inside the hub, nor does it include any customer premises equipment (CPE).

SCTE 145 2015, "Test Method for Second Harmonic Distortion of Passives Using a Single Carrier," is intended to establish the standard methodology to measure second harmonic distortion in a cable system passive at high signal level conditions (50 – 60 dBmV). Due to the difficulty in acquiring multi-carrier signal generators with both 55 dBmV output and intermod beats at –120 dBc, the test procedure will use a single carrier source test method.

All three standards are available at