Casa Systems offers cloud-based Flexible MAC Architecture portfolio

Nov. 18, 2021
Casa says the technology is in trials with Tier 1 operators in multiple countries.

Casa Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CASA) has announced availability of its take on Flexible MAC Architecture (FMA). The FMA portfolio includes a cloud-based FMA virtual network operating capabilities along with Remote MACPHY Devices (RMDs). Casa says the technology is in trials with Tier 1 operators in multiple countries.

The company asserts its FMA approach enables full control plane functionality that enables interoperability and flexible operation for virtual, cloud-native, and edge network functions. This capability includes management of the RMDs via the virtual FMA Controller that enables operators to orchestrate, onboard, manage, and scale deployments their deployments. Casa asserts that its FMA offering enables cable operators to accelerate the transition of their DOCSIS HFC networks from I-CCAP and Remote PHY to Remote MACPHY and DOCSIS 4.0 under a cloud platform umbrella that extends across the network from the data center to the edge.

“FMA is the next generation of HFC architecture and a natural evolution of DOCSIS infrastructure,” commented Jerry Guo, CEO at Casa Systems. “We designed our cloud-based FMA solution to provide our customers with incredible flexibility to deploy network functions where and how they choose. Our FMA solution leverages nearly two decades of software expertise and provides seamless integration with legacy infrastructure, further accelerating cable’s transformation to next gen cloud-based networks. And I am proud to say that our RMD and FMA solutions are ready to deploy today.”