Casa Systems Managed Services

Sept. 26, 2017

While demand for faster broadband connectivity for a growing number of users, devices and applications continues to climb, service providers are anxious to deliver competitive services, but are struggling to keep up with the required investment to make it happen.

Casa Systems' Managed Services (CMS) provide fixed and/or WiFi connectivity as a turnkey solution, enabling any size service provider to offer highly competitive services in a pay-as-you-grow model - without a heavy capital investment, the company says. Casa Systems provides CMTS-as-a-Service (CMTSaaS) for fixed broadband and/or WAG-as-a-Service (WAGaaS) for WiFi as well as planning, design and implementation professional services. CMS offers a turn-key managed solution that enables service providers to shift the difficult work of planning, provisioning and operating broadband networks to a team of experts. With CMS, service providers are able to focus on their core business, while Casa focuses on providing secure, reliable high-speed broadband.