Alpha Technologies Alpha Ultra High Density Fiber Panels

Sept. 26, 2017

Alpha says its Ultra High Density fiber panel with PEACOC technology, offers large fiber capacity, easy connector access and innovative cable management.

The 1RU Alpha Ultra High Density Fiber Panel contains 144 simplex LC connectors, offering up to 60% more fiber connection capacity than a typical fiber panel, the company says. As demand grows, the Alpha Ultra High Density Fiber Panel enables easy and efficient scalability through additional rack units totaling 5,760 connections. PEACOC technology allows tool-less access to the front and back connections in the panel. Separating the LC connectors is simple, says Alpha, as the numbered connector points fan outwards to isolate and direct exactly where to make a connection. This level of accessibility allows any connection change to be easy, fast and accurate. PEACOC SOC cable sleeves and routing along the front, back and side of the rack provides easy and effective wire management. Designed to be agile, these cable sleeves enable the rack unit to open and close easily without the interference of cabling.