Ciena Blue Planet Analytics

Sept. 26, 2017

Blue Planet Analytics (BPA) brings big data analytics to the networking space. It helps cable operators gain deep insights into the network to enable smarter, data-driven business decisions, Ciena says.

It is built on Blue Planet's open design and extensible micro-services-based architecture and comprises two components: a robust and flexible BPA framework (the platform layer) and upper-layer analytics applications. The BPA framework collects and normalizes data from multiple sources across the network and integrates with third-party big data cluster systems. The upper-layer analytics applications from Ciena (or third parties) integrate with the BPA framework and provide data visualization to address requirements like network and service assurance, customer experience management or capacity planning. Network Health Predictor (NHP) is the first analytics application developed to work with the BPA framework to enable proactive network assurance. NHP is designed to predict imminent network element failures at the port level so network operators can fix them before they have a chance to disrupt services.