Tibit Communications MicroPlug OLT

Sept. 26, 2017

Each Tibit MicroPlug OLT is a self-contained, 10G OLT (10G EPON/XGS-PON) and optical module in a pluggable form factor, which can fit into the standard SFP+ interface of a switch or switch-node.

The Tibit MicroPlug OLT enables cable carriers to deploy 10G PON deep into their network, creating a high-bandwidth remote node solution. These "remote OLT" node solutions can be connected using existing long-haul fiber, without any upgrade to that passive plant. Tibit's OLT is managed in-band. Management solutions, including DPoE and SDN, can be located anywhere in the cable network to enable a fully distributed solution. Tibit says its MicroPlug OLT enables multiple cost-savings advantages to cable operators in deploying remote nodes, including:

  • Reduces headend footprint, while increasing bandwidth density
  • Eliminates the need for centralized OLT chassis
  • Eliminates capex, footprint and power consumption from OLT chassis in the headend
  • Allows remote nodes up to 100 km from the headend
  • Increases bandwidth efficiency of trunking fibers without changes to passive architecture