Calix Software Defined 10G EPON

Sept. 26, 2017

Calix says it has built the first software-defined 10G EPON system. Leveraging the company's open AXOS platform, software-defined 10G EPON is faster to deploy and easier to maintain and upgrade than traditional PON approaches, Calix says.

It also can enable the elegant transition from DOCSIS to SDN and simplify the virtualization of network functions on demand, the company adds. The Calix 10G EPON approach is designed to support centralized and distributed deployments, fully embedded "everything-on-the-box" implementations and disaggregated systems targeted to massive, scalable data center-inspired operations. Its disaggregated containerized architecture, where every process is modeled in Netconf/YANG, minimizes qualification time in labs, accelerates service and application delivery and reduces service disruptions from a stateful, always on network.