Corning Optical Communications OptiTect Sealed Local Convergence Point Enclosure Cabinet

Sept. 26, 2017

The Corning OptiTect sealed local convergence point enclosure (LCPE) with onboard WDM mux/demux, full midspan and butt-splicing capability combines all aspects of the converged network local convergence point into one 28-inch closure-style unit.

With a 128-fiber PON distribution panel for optical power splitting, 12-fiber pass-through and up to 8 channels of mux/demux, this unit also enables the complete onboard splicing of feeder and distribution fibers. Operators can midspan up to 96-fiber cables - ribbon, loose tube, and microcable - while leaving pass-through buffer tubes intact. All 128 fiber distribution splicing occurs in an intuitive, craft-friendly panel, and feeder fibers can mux and demux as desired for converged optical network architectures, the company says.