Comcast Biz Expands in PA, Midwest

Nov. 30, 2017
Comcast Business (NASDAQ:CMCSA) is expanding its fiber-based network in Chambersburg, PA, to reach more than 20 additional businesses ...
Natural foods outfit taps Comcast Biz Ethernet
Natural foods outfit taps Comcast Biz Ethernet

Comcast Business (NASDAQ:CMCSA) is expanding its fiber-based network in Chambersburg, PA, to reach more than 20 additional businesses directly and generally making its network more accessible. Designed to deliver up to 100 Gbps of network capacity, the fiber-optic Ethernet business services network expansion is intended to support advanced services and give Comcast the ability to give new customers, ranging from small and medium-sized organizations to large enterprises, quick access to its network.

While the Comcast Business network already serves many of Chambersburg's businesses, the expansion deployed an additional 3.3 miles of fiber in Chambersburg's eastern corridors.

"This is among the most significant infrastructure investments our regional Comcast Business team has made across the Keystone Region, and we're proud to push our network deeper into Chambersburg to help the city's economic growth," said Toni Murphy, regional vice president for Comcast Business.

The Keystone Region Comcast Business team last year completed the company's first 100 Gbps network in the Eastern United States, connecting Penn State University's data center with its Milton S. Hershey Medical Center facility. In addition to higher education facilities, medical industries, law firms and financial services institutions prevalent throughout central Pennsylvania, new technology companies are also creating a demand for access to the advanced communications solutions Comcast Business offers.

In other Comcast Business news, the company has expanded its relationship with COCO, a Minnesota- and Chicago-based provider of shared workspaces, meeting venues, coworking memberships, and educational and social events, to further advance business growth and innovation for entrepreneurs and small businesses based in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Chicago.

In 2013, Comcast Business provided COCO with 1 Gbps Ethernet Dedicated Internet connections at its downtown building in Minneapolis as well as its Uptown Minneapolis site. Today, Comcast Business' 1 Gbps Ethernet speeds are the standard across COCO's five locations - three in Minneapolis, one in St. Paul and one in Chicago. In addition to Gigabit Ethernet, Comcast's Business VoiceEdge cloud-based voice solution is installed within private phone booths across COCO's four Minnesota locations.