Alpha Boosts End-of-Line Voltage

Content Dam Btr Migrated 2012 02 Alpha Apb500
Alpha Apb500 300x180Alpha Technologies' Alpha Power Booster is an HFC voltage booster intended to improve network efficiency and decrease network cable loss. It was developed to eliminate lightly loaded power supplies at the end of long amplifier cascades by boosting end-of-line voltages.

The APB's auto transformer is configurable for a 90 VAC or 60 VAC output voltage. It comes standard in a watertight enclosure that can be wall or strand mounted. It's specifically intended for locations where line voltage has dropped to between 65 to 75 V and where downstream current draw is less than 7 amperes.

The use of an APB is dependent on the presence of an existing power supply in the network to help regulate its own power and also use the battery backup capabilities. However, it can also sometimes provide a viable alternative to adding another complete power system.
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