PBN Intros 100/1000 Meg Switches

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Pbn Aocm3000 300x180Pacific Broadband Networks' AOCM3000 series products are point-to-point FTTx aggregation switches intended for decentralized deployments as well as central aggregation of multiple headends. They feature L3 protocol sets for connection to redundant backbones and IP uplinks, as well as integrated clustering and cascading technology to expand as you grow. The system is designed to deploy a fully managed P2P network including CATV overlay in less than a week.

  • Other features include:

  • Hardware routing, wire-speed L3 switching

  • 24-port SFP-based Fast/Gigabit optical fiber for up to 80-km connections

  • Automatic detection and restraint of broadcast storms

  • Up to four 10GigE uplink ports (AOCM3924-series)

  • Redundant power supply (AOCM3924-series)

  • ACL and hardware supporting L2 to L7 data filtration

  • Clustering technology and device cascading

  • Support for RIP v1/v2, OSPF v2, BEIGRP, BGP v4, etc.

  • Support for multicast routing protocols such as PIM-SM and PIM-DM

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