SCTE Launches NetOps Group, Book

The SCTE announced two new developments that are intended to help cable operators optimize network performance: the release of the "SCTE Measurement Recommended Practices, Fourth Edition" and the creation of a standards subcommittee focused on network operations.

The new resources are intended to provide the industry with new tests and procedures for measuring digital signals, as well as an SCTE standards organization, the Network Operations Subcommittee, dedicated to driving and publishing future practices that can increase performance and network availability. The Network Operations Subcommittee is chaired by John Olander, SVP of network operations for Comcast, and Steve Fox, SVP and CTO of Cable ONE.

The book, available at, includes tests for total signal power and all-digital plant leakage, and explains how CPE with DOCSIS capabilities can report on plant conditions and assist in the proactive maintenance of HFC plant. The book also discusses group delay, hum on digital signals, MER, phase noise and QAM flatness.
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