Middle-Wary: Cisco-NDS, Google-Moto Make Ops Edgy

According to ABI Research, the TV middleware market is in a state of upheaval as Cisco's (NASDAQ:CSCO) bid for NDS waits to close, while Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) has yet to give a clear direction for its recently acquired Motorola (NYSE:MMI) Home business unit.

"Operators are reluctant to significantly change direction with the current uncertainty, except where they decide to bring middleware development in-house," said Sam Rosen, ABI's practice director for TV and video.

The Cisco-NDS and Google-Motorola acquisitions, together with the increasing role of traditional IPTV vendors, point to a future where the middleware provider offers an open software platform with key features, while operators can innovate experiences using common software techniques. Middleware companies are expected to follow the system integrator model, where they look to bring in best of class technologies and focus on integration rather than innovation.
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