Electroline Debuts RF Port Selector

Electrolinetps32 300x132
Electrolinetps32 300x132Electroline has announced the availability of a new RF port selection switch, Model Series TPS-32. It'll be on display at Expo. The remotely controlled switch has a bandwidth from 5 to 1,002 MHz and occupies 1RU for a 32 x 1 or a 32 x 2 switch. It is available as a broadband switch or diplex version. The diplex version switches both the downstream and upstream paths synchronously for testing DOCSIS services.

It can also be used as a component in return path monitoring systems by switching the upstream signal path to test instrumentation under remote control by a management system for identification of noise ingress, intermodulation and common path distortion. Remote control is achieved via an Ethernet physical layer and TCP/IP as the network layer. A web accessible user interface or Electroline's ICOR protocol can be used for the application layer communications.
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