IPv6 Stats: 60% to Deploy this Year

Nominum surveyed 67 ISPs throughout North America, Japan, Europe and Latin America with a combined reach of 110 million households and found that 97% of these ISPs have either already implemented or plan to implement IPv6, 58% of them this year. From that group:

  • 23% have already done so.

  • 35% say they plan to do so in 2012.

  • 39% say they plan to implement IPv6 in 2013 or later.

The survey indicated major regional differences in IPv6 deployment plans:

  • 100% of Japanese ISPs surveyed have deployed IPv6.

  • 25% of North American respondents have deployed IPv6, but 100% plan to by year-end.

  • 48% of European respondents plan to deploy IPv6 by year-end.

  • 20% of Latin American ISPs plan to deploy IPv6 by year-end.

The survey also indicated that 80% of ISPs surveyed plan to use a native dual-stack transition mechanism for their rollouts as opposed to carrier-grade NAT and other such technologies.
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