IPv6 Use Accelerates

The use of IPv6 is gathering pace, according to a survey of global organizations conducted by BT. The 2012 "BT Diamond IP IPv6 Industry Survey," which collected responses from IT and operations professionals across the world, found that 13% of organizations have already rolled out IPv6 across all or part of their networks, up from 5% in 2011. A further 44% of respondents plan to roll out IPv6 within two years. Overall, 55% of respondents agreed that "IPv6 is required for deployment across my entire network."

Some 57% of respondents reported being well-advanced in their IPv6 rollout or planning, but 22% said a stronger business case needs to be created to demonstrate sufficient return on investment. Another barrier is the perception of complexity in terms of the infrastructure needed, although nearly 60% of respondents agreed that IPv6 technology is sufficiently mature to move ahead.
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