SCTE Completes IPv6 Training for Alpha

The SCTE announced the completion of an onsite training course on IPv6 for a core group of engineering and design professionals at Alpha Technologies.

The three-day course, titled "IPv6: Impact on Cable Networks," was created to increase understanding of IPv6 and to expedite Alpha's ability to leverage the features and benefits of the protocol within network communication devices, most notably transponders and modems. The course was held at Alpha's corporate headquarters in Bellingham, WA.

The course provides details on the capabilities of IPv6, DOCSIS 2.0, and DOCSIS 3.0, and the roles they play in the cable network management process. In addition, the course discusses the rollout aspects of IPv6 implementation, DOCSIS integration, configuration, provisioning and troubleshooting the network components, as well as the impact on the cable network.
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