ANSI Re-Approves DOCSIS Standards

The American National Standards Institute has re-approved four SCTE DOCSIS 1.x standards. Under ANSI rules, existing standards must be reviewed every five years.

ANSI/SCTE 22-1 2012, "Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specification DOCSIS 1.0 Radio Frequency Interface (RFI)," defines the RFI specifications for high-speed data over cable systems.

ANSI/SCTE 22-2 2012, "Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specification DOCSIS 1.0 Baseline Privacy Interface (BPI)," describes a simple data privacy function for CMTS-CM communications. While there exists a requirement for secure communications over the cable network in order to protect broadcast content and other high value data transactions, this specification is intended to provide a minimum level of data privacy and protection from theft of service for Internet access-like services.

ANSI/SCTE 22-3 2012, "Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specification DOCSIS 1.0 Operations Support System Interface (OSSI)," outlines the management information bases (MIBs) for high-speed data-over-cable systems developed by the DOCSIS Data Over Cable Services working group.

ANSI/SCTE 23-2 2012, "DOCSIS 1.1 Part 2: Baseline Privacy Plus Interface," describes MAC layer security services for DOCSIS CMTS-CM communications.

All four standards are available at
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