Comcast and CommScope achieve 4 Gbps symmetrical speeds in lab test

Oct. 16, 2023
The trial demonstrated the capabilities of CommScope’s DOCSIS 4.0 FDX amplifiers.

Denver—Comcast has made another step forward in its DOCSIS 4.0 evolution by achieving symmetrical speeds beyond 4 Gbps in a lab testing environment. For this test, the cable MSO leveraged CommScope’s MiniBridger® FDX amplifiers in a six-amplifier cascade to emulate a typical plant design.

This test highlights a multi-year FDX amplifier development effort between the two companies that has also resulted in the development of CommScope’s DOCSIS 4.0 OM6000® node with RD1710-X6 FDX Remote PHY Device (RPD). These two solutions will provide a module-only upgrade path to DOCSIS 4.0 FDX in an open-standards environment.

For Comcast, it can conduct direct upgrades to the installed base of CommScope STARLINE®-series MB amplifiers and OM6000 nodes already deployed in the field—enabling Comcast to accelerate its deployment of FDX at scale with an eye toward 10G.

Cable operators will benefit from boosting their network capacity and offering symmetrical multi-gigabit data rates.

“DOCSIS 4.0 is ushering in a new era of speed and reliability for consumers and businesses. As we introduce it to our customers, we’re continuing to innovate and push the limits of what HFC networks across the globe can achieve,” said Elad Nafshi, EVP and Chief Network Officer of Comcast Cable. “Leveraging our installed base of CommScope amplifiers and nodes to achieve even faster symmetrical Internet speeds helps ensure that we can efficiently deliver the best broadband experience to our customers for years to come.”

The extensive deployed base of STARLINE-series MB amplifiers can be field upgraded as a “drop-in” to the new DOCSIS 4.0 FDX amplifiers. The amplifiers are designed to enable upgrades to DOCSIS 4.0 specifications with minimal disruption and plant rework, allowing operators to realize significant savings in time-to-market and cost.

Comcast and CommScope’s DOCSIS 4.0 FDX developments will be on display at the SCTE® CableTec Expo® in each company’s respective booth (CommScope #773 and Comcast #1074) from October 17-19, 2023, in Denver, CO.

This development with CommScope comes at a critical time for Comcast. The cable MSO announced it would begin rolling out DOCSIS 4.0 capabilities in select parts of its Midwest, South and Northeast network.