Sparklight invests $12M in 10G broadband network upgrades for Sioux City, Iowa

May 23, 2023
The BSP said Sioux City’s infrastructure upgrade is expected to be complete by fall 2023.
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Downtown Sioux City, Iowa
Downtown Sioux City, Iowa

Cable One's Sparklight brand announced that it will begin construction this month on a $12 million 10G platform upgrade to its Sioux City, Iowa network that will further increase the reliability of high-speed internet services, while also preparing for the future connectivity needs of the community.

Almost exactly one year ago, Cable One announced it would be investing $950 million in 10G network optimization upgrades.

The broadband communications provider notes that it launched Gigabit internet service to Sioux City residential customers in 2016, "well before many others in the industry," as reckoned by a May 22 press release. Sparklight added that the current 10G infrastructure upgrade paves the way for faster download and upload speeds for subscribers, to enable enhanced streaming and gaming and uninterrupted connections in multi-device homes.

Delivering speed 10 times faster than today’s networks, the operator notes that 10G technology will transform the customer experience, creating new possibilities for smart cities, connected homes, and new virtual and augmented reality technologies.

Sioux City’s infrastructure upgrade is expected to be complete by fall 2023. The company anticipates the possibility of intermittent service interruptions during construction. Customers will receive notification prior to work being conducted in their area.

Sparklight Sioux City general manager Mike Drahota remarked:

“Sparklight is invested in building a future-proof network in Sioux City, designed to handle the rapidly evolving technology needs of our residential and business customers. We understand that families and businesses are reliant on the internet in their day-to-day lives and we are committed to providing fast, reliable and local service that our community can count on. For 40 years, Sparklight has been a proud supporter of Sioux City and this latest investment exemplifies our on-going commitment. Looking to the future, we are laying the groundwork for 10 Gigabit speeds and investing in a new era of innovation that will not only further enrich the lives of our customers but contribute to the economic development of Sioux City.”

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