Charter bringing Spectrum Community Assist program to 20 new U.S. markets this year

April 4, 2022
Charter Communications announced that its $30 million philanthropic program aimed a rural areas will invest in 100 community centers and local job training programs over the next five years.

Charter Communications today announced it will launch Spectrum Community Assist programs in 20 new markets this year, adding momentum to the company’s $30 million, five-year philanthropic initiative to revitalize 100 community centers and invest in job training programs in underserved communities across its 41-state footprint.

Charter launched Spectrum Community Assist last fall with rebuilding events in St. Louis, Charlotte, Orlando, South Glens Falls, NY, and Stamford.

In 2022, the company will significantly grow the program’s reach with revitalization projects and support for job training in markets located in 14 states.

Areas targeted for Spectrum Community Assist investment include rural programs in Missoula, Mont.; Kearney, Neb.; Oconee County, S.C.; and Somerset County, Maine; and community centers in urban locations including Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Milwaukee and New York, among others.

“There is an acute need in underserved neighborhoods nationwide for the career development and social support that local community centers provide,” said Rhonda Crichlow, Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer for Charter. “Charter is committed to investing in the communities we serve, and Spectrum Community Assist will make a difference by directly supporting centers and organizations that provide critical services to help local residents build the skills that will enable them to improve their financial condition and increase the economic impact on the community.”

Charter has partnered with national nonprofit organization Jobs for the Future (JFF) to identify community centers in the areas selected for Spectrum Community Assist programs. Charter will invest in each center’s job training efforts with cash grants and in-kind contributions, improve physical classroom spaces and provide new equipment, including laptops and furniture.

Additionally, because broadband is a critical component of a community center’s infrastructure, Charter will offer each community center its advanced 1 gigabit internet service. Finally, Charter will sponsor revitalization events with employee and community volunteers to repair and enhance the physical buildings.

Spectrum Community Assist 2022 Markets include:

  • Antelope Valley, Los Angeles, Salinas, Calif.
  • Denver, Co.
  • Palm Coast, Fla.
  • Oahu, Hawaii
  • Somerset County, Maine
  • Duluth, Minn.
  • Missoula, Mont.
  • Kearney, Neb.
  • Buffalo, New York City, N.Y.
  • Fayetteville, N.C.
  • Cleveland, Columbus, Ohio
  • Bamberg, Oconee County, S.C.
  • Dallas, San Antonio, Texas
  • Milwaukee, Wis.

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