Vecima achieves multi-vendor FMA interoperability among cable access SPs

Feb. 24, 2022
Per its strategic alignment with CableLabs' Flexible MAC Architecture (FMA) specification and major cable access service providers, Vecima has now announced FMA interoperability within the DAA market for its Entra Remote MACPHY Cable Access platform.
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Vecima Networks, a key contributor to the CableLabs Flexible MAC Architecture (FMA) specification, on Feb. 23 announced its platforms' robust interoperability in a multi-vendor, FMA environment; the interoperability was demonstrated at a CableLabs coordinated event and supported by Vecima with currently deployed products.

As a result of the demo, the entire Vecima Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) product portfolio now is uniquely positioned for deployment today with investment protection as access networks evolve, the company said in a statement.

With support for high-value, legacy services, Vecima contends its "products have consistently delivered a strong message of interoperability. Vecima was a strong supporter of CableLabs’ Remote PHY interoperability events. The company notes that optical line terminal (OLT) and optical network unit (ONU) interoperability is a key product differentiator for 10G PON deployments.

Jon Schnoor, lead architect for wired technologies at CableLabs commented:

“The CableLabs’ vendor community, including Vecima, is helping the industry innovate through a strong spirit of cooperation and interoperability. CableLabs’ interoperability events are an opportunity for the industry to work together and validate the specifications that are built by our working groups, including cable operators and vendors. This is a very helpful and strategic activity for our industry.

Vecima has always been a strong collaborator with CableLabs for the DAA architecture. Their presence at our interoperability events has always been a constant, whether for FMA or other technologies, and demonstrates our strong relationship and their progress in the industry.”

Vecima notes its Remote MACPHY platform is deployed across thousands of DOCSIS service groups with operators around the world.

"Exponentially increasing bandwidth demands see service providers turning to software driven, all-IP Remote MACPHY and DAA to increase the capacity of existing networks, reduce space, and power requirements, and improve signal quality," added the company's statement. "Proprietary, end-to-end solutions from single vendors run counter to the deployment speed and flexibility required in today’s dynamic service provider environment."

The Vecima Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) product portfolio, recently recognized by the Dell’Oro Group as the North America market share leader in Remote MACPHY and 10G EPON Remote OLT solutions, is deployed by operators around the world

“At Vecima we’re not a newcomer to this party; we’ve been focused on a highly interoperable product portfolio since the beginning of DAA and next-generation access networks,” pointed out Ryan Nicometo, SVP and GM, Video & Broadband Solutions at Vecima. “CableLabs’ leadership has been critical to our success as an industry, and Vecima has been consistent with our strategy. We look forward to the next event and continuing to help our partners innovate.”

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