Seaside Communications taps Harmonic's CableOS platform for broadband transformation

Feb. 23, 2021
Nova Scotia's Seaside Communications has deployed the Harmonic CableOS Platform in a hybrid centralized and distributed access architecture tailored for its network.

Harmonic on Feb. 22 announced that Nova Scotia-based telecommunications provider Seaside Communications is transforming its broadband operations with Harmonic's CableOS platform.

By partnering with Harmonic, a specialist in virtualized access technology and distributed access architectures (DAA), Seaside says it is improving the quality of experience for customers by leveraging the latest advancements in DOCSIS 3.1, DAA and Remote-PHY (R-PHY).

Seaside has deployed the CableOS Platform in a hybrid centralized and distributed access architecture tailored for its network, with the Harmonic Ripple R-PHY nodes and Reef R-PHY shelves that offer unparalleled flexibility, contend the companies.

As a software-based platform, CableOS enables Seaside Communications to improve capacity, utilizing modern technology for instant scalability, agility and cost savings, said the provider.

"As more people in Nova Scotia work from home and participate in distance learning, internet consumption is soaring and creating network congestion issues," explains Shane Ferguson, director of network and CATV operations at Seaside Communications.

He continues, "To provide our customers with increased bandwidth and a superior experience, we needed an architecture that can scale rapidly. Harmonic's CableOS Platform allows us to swiftly and economically address capacity issues, leveraging a combination of new R-PHY nodes and existing HFC outdoor nodes. Thanks to Harmonic's expertise, our broadband architecture is future-ready now."

Harmonic's reseller Clearcable, a specialized telecommunications technical consulting firm, provided integration services for Seaside, assuring seamless installation and deployment of the platform.

"As the reliability of our networks becomes a necessity for daily lives, we are quite pleased to integrate the best-in-class virtualized access technology and R-PHY architecture for Seaside Communications, propelling them into the next evolution of DOCSIS access technologies," says Joe Caruso, director of sales at Clearcable.

"Seaside Communications had the vision to build a broadband infrastructure that addresses evolving customer demands. As the chosen technology partner, we're excited to make it a reality," concludes Gil Katz, senior vice president, Cable Access Business Operations at Harmonic. "Our CableOS Platform brings a greener broadband future to Seaside Communications by reducing space, power and operational costs as they unleash faster broadband speeds."