Technetix Group Ltd. Direction Neutral Amplifier - 5 Diamonds

Sept. 29, 2020
The Technetix DNA-1800 Direction Neutral Amplifier for cable networks takes advantage of the entire frequency range. The frequency split can be adapted in real time, balancing upstream and downstream traffic. Its flexi-split technology means no upgrades are required for future split changes. Frequency-division duplex, flexi-split DOCSIS and Extended Spectrum DOCSIS are all supported.

Judge’s Comment: “Superb, groundbreaking technology. Elimination of the selection of splits or cross-over networks enables the cable operator to continue to leverage the coaxial portion of the network without concern for choosing a split only to have to change that split in the near future. Also the flexibility to enable downstream or upstream capacity without concern for the limitation of fixed downstream or upstream spectrum is a fantastic development.”