Cogeco invests to connect more Canadians

Sept. 16, 2020
Thanks to a substantial new investment, 1,000 more homes and businesses will be connected in Southwestern Ontario, and elsewhere.
Cogeco Connexion
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As part of Cogeco Communications Inc.'s 4-year commitment to invest more than $1 billion Canadian dollars in the operation and expansion of its advanced Canadian broadband network, its subsidiary, Cogeco Connexion, has announced a $7 million commitment to offer its high-speed internet services to over 4,600 homes and businesses in the country's Hawkesbury and Southwestern Ontario regions.

"Thanks to this investment, 1,000 homes and businesses will be connected in Southwestern Ontario to serve the communities of Amherst Pointe and Willow Beach in Amherstburg, and Cedarhurst Park and Cedar Island in Kingsville," commented Frederic Perron, president of Cogeco Connexion. "In addition, 3,600 homes and businesses in Vankleek HIll, L'Original and Chute-a-Blondeau in the Hawkesbury area will be able to benefit from our network upgrades. This investment allows us to continue pursuing our ambition to extend our regional footprint."

The company's Southwestern Ontario and Hawkesbury residents will benefit from having access to the full range of Cogeco's services, including the most flexible television offering, high-speed Internet services with download speeds up to 1GB, as well as unlimited usage with most packages.

Moreover, Cogeco notes the overall investment contributes to the Canadian government's goal to accelerate high-speed Internet access to all Canadians and to the economic recovery of the regions. Per the operator:

"Access to fast, unlimited, and reliable broadband is now indispensable. More than ever, Cogeco's network and services are essential, as working from home and online education are part of our daily lives. Since 1972, Cogeco has invested massively in digital infrastructure to build a robust network and is confident it can meet the growing needs of consumers for speed, data capacity and access in rural and underserved regions."

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