Astound Business Solutions serves up custom Wi-Fi offering

Sept. 14, 2023
The provider’s new wireless network solution supports any size business.

Astound Business Solutions has launched its new Custom Wi-Fi wireless network service. As a professionally designed, implemented, and supported offering, it enables big and small business customers who use Wi-Fi technology to enhance their operations with a modern wireless network.

Custom Wi-Fi provides consistent connectivity while offering flexible options that can help businesses simplify operations and manage costs.

The new service includes several customizable features:

·       Professional network design and complete turnkey installation

·       Indoor and outdoor options

·       Managed equipment logistics and professional project management

·       Cloud portal tools for network management

·       Wireless backhaul to connect hard-to-reach places

·       LAN switching and cabling options

·       CAPEX and OPEX pricing models available

Astound said it can work within a business’s budget to accommodate the diversity of its customer base. The provider also manages installation processes end-to-end, along with the equipment and software for any needed updates, significantly reducing the need for the business to use its internal resources and ensuring access to the latest Wi-Fi technologies.

The new Wi-Fi service can accommodate a comprehensive set of business types: commercial and multi-tenant buildings, stadiums, outdoor parks and public venues, college and business campuses, retail and convention centers, hotels and resorts and mass transit stations.

“Custom Wi-Fi extends Astound’s robust nationwide network infrastructure directly to devices for customers’ larger offices, venues, and public spaces with a wide range of flexible options, making this solution their own,” said Patrick Knorr, Chief Commercial Officer for Astound Business Solutions. “We handle all network setup, maintenance, and management with the convenience of a single point of contact. This decreases costs and frees up customers' time and resources to grow their business.”