SCTE partners with FHSU to award college credits for telecom courses

March 15, 2022
New agreement provides qualified learners a path to earn an Associate Degree in General Studies from Fort Hays State University (FHSU) in Hays, Kansas.

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE), a CableLabs subsidiary, today announced it has partnered with Fort Hays State University (FHSU) in Hays, Kansas, to create a new degree program for professionals working in the telecommunications industry.

Through a combination of courses from both Fort Hays and SCTE, learners can now earn an Associate of General Studies degree with an emphasis on Computer Networking & Telecommunications.

SCTE online courses count toward the associate degree that can be completed through FHSU Online. Through this cooperative program between SCTE and Fort Hays University, enrolled students will receive college credit from Fort Hays State University for SCTE courses, leveraging SCTE's most popular courses along with several partner courses.

“We’re committed to expanding the pathways our members have to earn their degrees and are thrilled to be working with Fort Hays to help accomplish that,” said Mark Dzuban, CEO of SCTE. “We also recognize that the unprecedented demand for talent in the broadband industry requires creative solutions. This program addresses the need to onboard, train and develop a fully skilled technical and operations workforce.

“With the ever-changing telecommunications industry, it has always been important for higher education to be responsive to the workforce skill-profile that industry demands. With unprecedented workforce dynamics, industry is responding aggressively to issues related to skilled labor supply, while seizing the opportunity to develop the next generation of industry leadership through strategic pathways to degrees in the field,” asserted Dr. Melissa Hunsicker-Walburn, department chair and associate professor, Informatics. “We couldn’t be more pleased to extend and expand our agreement with SCTE. The partnership affirms there is a lot of career opportunity in the telecommunications industry.”

Per the partners, learners can receive credit for coursework completed at SCTE and other colleges or universities. The credits can then be applied towards the total needed to achieve a degree.

The partnership, which is an extension of an original agreement between the Fort Hays State University Department of Informatics and SCTE established in February 2012, represents a 10-year relationship between the two organizations.

For more information about the program and how to enroll, visit the SCTE website.