SPATIALinfo Updates Net Management Software

SPATIALinfo has released a new version of its spatialSUITE portfolio of communications solutions, including spatialNET, spatialWEB, spatialOFFLINE, and spatialCONFLATOR products.

  • spatialNET is an engineering solution designed to manage the physical inventory for communication service providers, allowing users to design and manage fiber, coax, and twisted-pair networks in a CAD environment while managing the asset data in an enterprise database.

  • spatialWEB is an enterprise web mapping solution designed to deliver network asset information through standard web browser technology. It supports workflows including service qualification, operations, maintenance, and customer service.

  • spatialOFFLINE is an enterprise mobile application designed for field personnel. It's designed to allow users to manage data without a persistent network connection and provide synchronization tools to keep the local datastore current and allow updates from the field.

  • spatialCONFLATOR is an interactive tool designed to "conflate" spatial data in a SPATIALinfo database by using control points to adjust a set of source data with landbase or other control data in such a way that positional accuracy of the source data aligns with the control data.

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