Incognito Intros Device Management Software

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Incognito Autoconfigure 300x180Incognito Software announced the general availability of its Auto Configuration Server 2.0 device management software. It incorporates an automation solution designed to support PON, DOCSIS, ADSL, WiMAX and other access technologies.

It's designed to monitor and regulate subscriber device thresholds based on a range of reporting parameters, from amount of bandwidth used to average session time. It utilizes TR-069 to facilitate zero-touch provisioning and management of WiMAX networks, DOCSIS gateways, VoIP equipment, WiFi access points, and IPTV deployments.

TR-069 based devices can additionally be quickly provisioned to support WiFi management, parental controls, VoIP, storage, IPTV, and more. Incognito supports nearly every TR-069 based device currently on the market.
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