BlackArrow Demos Dynamic VOD Ads at CableLabs

At the CableLabs Advertising and Interactive Services Interop event in Louisville, CO, BlackArrow showcased technical and business solutions for allocating advertising inventory between service providers and affiliate programming networks -- on both national and local levels -- in adherence with the SCTE 130 standard. The demonstrations leveraged the BlackArrow Advanced Advertising System to highlight workflow capabilities, including:

  • Support for national and local ad splits via Stewardship and Fulfillment Interfaces (SaFI) Campaign Information Package (CIP) ingest, and SCTE 130 real-time ad-routing

  • Mid-roll support via the BlackArrow Placement Opportunity Information Service (POIS) and Content Information Service (CIS) product modules

  • A modular, scalable SCTE 130-based solution set for advanced advertising

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