This Tech Upgrades Multiscreen Blackout, Ad Insertion

Content Dam Btr Migrated 2012 05 Thistech Spotlink
Thistech Spotlink 300x132At the Cable Show in Boston, This Technology is announcing product enhancements to support blackout scheduling and implementation, as well as dynamic ad insertion in multiscreen environments.

This Technology's Blackout Decision Server is designed to support IP blackout entitlements with a solution for blackout scheduling and implementation. An enhancement of This Technology's SpotLink platform and MetaMore product for asset metadata authoring, the new service is intended to enable creation of blackout authoring rules and designation of alternate content for insertion when blackouts must be implemented. It serves as a single system to support blackout requirements across both programmer and MSO content delivery systems.

This Technology's SpotLink Router is designed to create an abstraction layer between the various components of an SCTE-130 ad decision system. Its latest enhancements are designed to help programmers ensure consistent implementation of ad inventory sharing business rules across their own TV Everywhere video distribution paths, as well as MSO-managed video applications, including VOD and IPTV. Programmers can also use the abstraction layer provided to connect their broadband ad servers to necessary video platforms and distribution partners.
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