Nokia enables digital transformation of Telefónica’s Movistar Colombia

Nov. 18, 2020
Collaboration provides enhanced customer experience for Movistar subscribers and simplifies the operator’s platforms on the path to fixed-mobile convergence.
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Nokia announced on Nov. 5 that Telefónica Colombia affiliate, Movistar, has completed another stage of deployment in its digital transformation journey, simplifying operational complexities and improving service launch times. With Nokia’s Digital Operations software, Movistar has modernized its Operations Support Systems (OSS) to facilitate the provisioning of mobile and fixed services for all subscriber products.

Roberto Puche, CIO, Movistar Colombia, commented: “Nokia’s Digital Operations solution unlocks key time savings that will allow us to deploy multiple solutions from various vendors and open the door to new revenue-generating services more rapidly than before with the automation and servicing requirements that are critical to meeting our customers’ needs.”

Movistar Colombia is the latest company to benefit from Nokia’s Digital Operation’s software, underscoring the solution’s momentum in other Latin American markets, including Chile, Argentina and Peru. Through near-zero touch automation, Nokia says its Digital Operations software will enable Movistar Colombia to complete more than 43 million tasks on a monthly basis, optimizing its processes and providing a better experience to its users through multiple channels.

Francisco Javier Bertran, Digital Transformation Director Movistar Colombia, said: "Nokia is a strategic partner for Movistar's digital transformation process, allowing a convergent and profitable provision of services at scale, which facilitates reaching the market in an agile and timely manner with services for both fixed and mobile clients."

The activation and provisioning of Nokia’s Digital Operations software provides Movistar Colombia with a catalog-based compliance solution executed through an open API. This eliminates silo-based network management and allows agile product launches by simplifying workflows, harmonizing and optimizing Movistar’s platforms and processes, ultimately reducing costs and implementation time.

Nokia’s solution is supporting Movistar Colombia’s voice, mobile data, value-added and over-the-top services for 3G and 4G, as well as portability requests and VoLTE provisioning for the operator’s 19 million mobile subscriber and 3 million fixed subscribers and TV users.

Bhaskar Gorti, President of Nokia Software and Nokia Chief Digital Officer, concluded: “By modernizing its OSS with Nokia Software solutions, Movistar Colombia is better equipped to deliver new customer-centric products and services and to manage these with extreme automation. Through our Common Software Foundation, Nokia Software solutions, like Digital Operations, are designed to give operators wide operational flexibility. We are pleased to be helping Movistar Colombia through its digital transformation.”

Nokia is one of the leading service orchestration and fulfillment system providers, with over 110 communication service providers worldwide relying on Nokia’s catalog-driven fulfillment system.