Blue Planet, a division of Ciena Blue Planet Route Optimization and Analysis - 4 Diamonds

Sept. 29, 2020
Blue Planet Route Optimization and Analysis (ROA) Explorer Suite supports route analytics, traffic flow analysis and performance analysis from IP/MPLS networks. Rather than provide point data that requires manual correlation, ROA correlates routing, traffic and performance metrics to help network teams quickly understand the root cause of service delivery failures and resolve them faster. ROA’s intelligent analytics also help network engineers and architects make informed decisions for network planning, provide what-if analysis to reduce outages during network changes and optimize their networks. Using ROA, operators can reduce capex and opex expenses, improve customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth, says Ciena.

Judge’s Comment: “Having the ability to monitor core network traffic by service flow is essential...This requires more prioritization of services, understanding the performance of each service flow and simulating what happens in a failure mode. The Blue Planet Route Optimization and Analysis tool seems to put all these features into a single platform.”