Telestream implements Vantage Ad-ID integration

May 21, 2020
Automated platform validates correct ad placement, ensuring ads are played at the right place and time.

Telestream (Nevada City, CA), a provider of workflow automation, media processing, quality monitoring, and test and measurement tools for the production and distribution of video, on May 19 announced its new Vantage Ad-ID Integration feature.

The company contends that Ad-ID is the industry standard for identifying advertising assets across all media platforms.

How it works

Vantage’s Ad-ID Integration feature enables Vantage to validate that the correct ads are being played out in the right place at the right time.

The new feature can be used as part of commercial spot ingest for television or cable operations, as integrated into any standard Vantage workflow. Users simply enter their Ad-ID subscription information into Vantage, which then automatically logs into their Ad-ID account.

Vantage uses advanced metadata matching to validate that the correct ad is being played out, when and where it should. The Ad-ID element can be embedded in the content to further minimize mistakes in configuration and tracking of the assets.

If there is a discrepancy between data provided by a vendor or distribution companies and the Ad-ID metadata, it can be found and corrected using this integration.

“The Telestream and Ad-ID integration streamlines workflows by reducing the need to rekey information associated to a valid Ad-ID code,” says Scott Matics, director of product management, Telestream. “It also provides standardized metadata to Telestream and other members of the supply chain who can leverage the data to better ensure that the correct ad is reaching the right consumer."

Vantage Ad-ID Integration is the only system that can verify ads in this automated fashion, contends Telestream.

The new integration is intended to help users move away from ISCI and instead to Ad-ID, emphasizes the company.

"Ad-ID assigns an ID to each ad to make sure it's the right one," adds Matics. "Vantage can now go back to Ad-ID and query if it's a valid ad spot. If valid, additional data is brought down from Ad-ID and passed on to other systems - such as the traffic system."

Per an official statement announcing the new feature integration:  "Vantage, Telestream’s scalable, software-enabled media processing platform manages all media services from the camera to the point of distribution. It offers content owners, producers, and distributors complete advertising capabilities."

Ad-ID co-features

Additionally powered by Vantage, the tool's associated TrafficManager utility helps simplify the way media is received and managed and offers a complete solution for ads and syndicated content.

Further, Vantage’s included Post Producer tool automates content assembly and repetitive production processes.

Finally, the Tempo for Spots co-feature invisibly retimes and normalizes ad content with no loss of quality.

“In today’s world of file-based workflows, metadata interoperability is more important than ever,” says Harold S Geller, executive director, Ad-ID.

Geller concludes with this insight:  “Without accurate advertising metadata, there is a tremendous amount of manual intervention and opportunity for error. We’re proud that Telestream’s Vantage system now has the ability to retrieve and validate the standardized metadata associated with valid Ad-ID codes, and make it available for other members of the supply chain to leverage.”

Vantage Ad-ID integration is available now. For more information, visit